Started to edit videos in 2012, then spent most of time on video editing since 2014. Now I seldom do it because I do not get anything back.

Founded iCaYShorts, BGMCraft.

Learning Android development, contributing to McHorse's project, mostly translation.

Not really an OIer. Keeping solving but just from time to time. My Luogu account is here, I know I'm bad, but just to prove that.

Channels, Programs



Machinima team since 2014 summer, although it is called "Team", most of the time, however, I work alone.

Watch at: AcFun, Bilibili, YouTube 中文, YouTube English, Youku.


Kinda like NoCopyrightSounds. Now uploads original EDMs from NetEase music with artists' permission.

Watch at: YouTube, Bilibili.


Vlogging channel, with 神奇望(MagicWang) since junior high ending summer.

Watch at: YouTube, Bilibili.

Annoying Programs

Not Malware

Not a destroying app but is annoying for you not for me, Chino is my waifu how can I decline her

Flash Eyes (Python)

Pretty annoying because it changes the color of the terminal and flash in 2 colors

Troll Locker

A destroying app because it can keep its foreground running and you need to type spectific password in order to stop this from happening.